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Top Photographer Needed for Event Shoot

Nakenterprise Global Photographer Search

Photographer Talent Search

Nakenterprise is seeking Talented Photographer to Shoot Selected Event. Top photographer will submit video showing best reel/work using music &/or instrumental beats provided by Nakenterprise. video should be 1-2 minutes. Photographer & model/artist Team compete with selected Designer to win

  • Top photographer Selected to shoot an event

Photographer Entry Requirements

  • 2 two minute video your best shots using music production by Nakenterprise (see music links below)
  • 5 or more images showing different styles
  • 100 or more models/artist

Photographer Selection Process

  • Promo video will be posted on the labels youtube | instagram | facebook pages - top Views/likes/comments - 20%
  • Amount of References form recording artist or models- 20%
  • Public Voting - 20%
  • Labels Producers - 40%


    Photographer winning Team showcase selected designer wears at Event.

    The photographer works with a team of models showcasing selected designer clothing.

    Models showcase designer clothing for a chance at a model contact.

    The Photographer paid $10K for each event they shoot

    There are multiple events that each photographer team compete to host with their team


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    Nakenterprise Submission Instrumentals (Beats) Link's

    itunes google spotify amazon

    Live Events Shows & Filming Locations

    • Delaware - Date pending
    • Detroit Michigan - Date pending
    • Philadelphia - Date pending
    • NYC - Date Pending
    • Las Vegas - Lorenzo Park - Date Pending

    • Florida
    • Tampa Florida - Date Pending
    • Miami - Date pending

    • Georgia
    • Atlanta Georgia Brave Stadium - Date Pending

    • St. Louis Missouri - Date Pending
    • Houston Texas - Date pending
    • Jackson Mississippi - Date Pending
    • Denver Colorado - Date Pending
    • Boise Idaho - Date Pending
    • LA - Date Pending