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Top Designers compete in 10 events - Televised Nationwide to 75million
    First Live Event (#1):
  • April 3, 2017 2pm To 7pm
  • 345 Hudson Street, CBS Theater
Nakenterprise: 914-207-0978
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1st $10,000.00
Top Designer 1

#: 1

samuel wong

Votes: 10

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Top Designer 2

#: 2

Elizabeth Delgado

Votes: 9

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Elizabeth Delgado Designs LLC
Top Designer 3

#: 3

Bariel Dean

Votes: 7

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Letisha McFarlane
Founder and Designer
Global Model Competition Production Team & Judges
Nitza Cruz Designer - 'CEO Divas Lil Things' Samina Mughal - 'Top Designers Production at NY Fashion Week'

Top Designer
1. Compete live in NYC

#: 4

Gamakache Black

Votes: 3

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Welcome to Nakenterprise Designer Competition.

Contestants voted 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th place wins (1st) $10,000 (2nd) $1,500 (3rd) $300 (4th) 150 & (5th) $75

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Why are votes not free?
  • Having users acquire votes remove the concern of voter fraud. A voter's desire to vote more than once is a statement of their heartfelt belief in the beauty of a model or the song of an artist.
  • What affect do the producers have on the competition?
  • There are 2 - 5 producers reviewing the Designer. Producer look for unique look, natural beauty , style, physique, presentation, and engagement - ability to capture and engage the audience with your images.

Designers, If you are not on Voting page above - Immediately Complete 1 & 2 or Contact Nakenterprise!
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