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    NAKEnterprise Corp Provide fun applications for all. Feel free to review our selected applications.

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    Talk Jamaican App
    Talk Jamaican is an app for those who would like to learn the Jamaican language at their own pace. With this app you simply select the english word and the app will say the word in Jamaican.
    For android Device!

    Talk Hebrew Apps
    Talk Hebrew is the app that lets you select the a word in English and the app will say it in Hebrew or select a word in Hebrew and the app with say it in English.
    For android Device!

    HVAC Controls 2
    Understanding HVAC Controls is designed to help you progressively see the role of HVAC controls in our world today and understand the system they control. We have included information about systems and general components used with most control system with a basic understanding of theme. As our world become more and more interested in saving our resources because of years of neglect. We must find ways to save energy and conserve our resources like oil, water. Controls for large HVAC (Heating ventilation and air condition systems help in many ways to save energy and as time passes have become very popular. Most large buildings, hospitals and schools have controls systems. Having an understanding of HVAC Controls can be most beneficial today. The goal is to provide and understanding of HVAC controls through this app.
    For android Device!

    Tick Tac Toe App
    An enjoyable game for all to enjoy and play anytime and at any place.
    For android Device!

    ABC Bundle 2 App
    ABC 2 is a fun loving abc game for all children to enjoy. It teaches The Alphabet with fun loving images.
    For android Device!

    Tony Kelly
    I am many things. This is all about me and a look into myself and life.
    For android Device!

    ABC with Character
    ABC with character is a learning abc for that all kids will enjoy.
    For android Device!

    ABC for kids
    ABC for kids is an abc learning app for kids to enjoy.
    For android Device!

    Talk Ghetto
    Talk Getto is the app that explains in english your childrens new language. Words like 'five 0', 'my bad' and others will make much more sense with the new app 'Talk Getto'.
    For android Device!

    Hang Man
    Hangman, the game you always loved is now on your phone. Play 'Oh no hangman' today from Nakenterprise corp.
    For android Device!

    Air Condition
    Air condition is a subject not always fully understood. Most of the time it is not necessary to understand what or how the cool air is generated only to know that there is cool air. The understand in of the often confused word Freon or refrigerant along with how it removes heat and thus cool the air is the subject of this app. For those studying air conditioning it will be very useful to understand these simple principles used to remove heat or cool a space.
    For android Device!

    NYC Refrigeration
    The NYC Refrigeration Test can be quite daunting with hundreds of technical questions requiring years of experience and knowledge to answer. Most have to study for month to prepare for this test. Our goal in the app is to get you familiar with some of the principles and questions you should know in talking the NYC Refrigeration Exam also known as the Stationary Exam. The exam is in two parts, this app will focus on the first part which is the question and answer. Although the practical has become somewhat of a question and answer now with images we will focus on the first part with this app.
    For android Device!

    EPA Certification Test Prep
    The depletion of the ozone layer has brought about laws to protect the earth from harmful release of chemicals. Coolants or Freon especially CFC and even HCFC are damaging to the ozone causing the EPA to require Air Condition technicians and others using chemical as a technician would to be certified. The goal of this app is to familiarize you with some of the required information needed to take the EPA Refrigerant Certification.
    For android Device!

    AC Test Questions
    When learning Air Condition most course have major test questions to gauge the understanding of the student. Many Air Condition outfits also provide questions to enable them to get an understanding of the new technician knowledge. In addition to testing the knowledge this app will help train and help technicians get a better understanding of commercial air-conditioning through question and answer test.
    For android Device!

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